Frequently Asked Questions

To join in with the Student Hub Live you will need an Open University Computer Username (OUCU). If you don't already have one of these, or you're not sure what it is, click on this link and follow the on-screen instructions to create an OU account.

To really get the most from Student Hub Live the best option is to click on the green Watch and engage button. This video tells you more about the features of the website and the many different ways to take part.

The Student Hub Live is open to everyone – anyone can access the event and everyone is welcome. It's run especially to welcome new students, so please join in if you are new, or come along to share your experience and welcome others if you’re a current student. If you are not studying with the OU but are interested in what we are doing you are also very welcome!

These buttons allow you to watch, join in, catch up and give us feedback on the event.

The green Watch and engage button allows you to watch the live sessions, talk to other viewers using the chat screen, and join in the different sessions using the interactive widgets. If you choose the Watch only button you will be able to see the live sessions, but will not be able to join in with the additional activities.

If you miss the event, or want to re-watch it, you can access all of the session by clicking on the blue Catch up button. The Catch up feature is available the day after the live event.
We want to know what you think, so please use the brown Feedback button for details of how to email us or complete the online survey.

We have a 'live chat' feed that runs throughout the event. You can access this by clicking on the ‘Watch and engage’ button, and then talk with other students and viewers, and put your thoughts, questions and comments to the people in the studio.

Type your message in the text box below the chat screen and press the ‘enter’ key to send your message.

When messages are added, the chat box will automatically scroll to show you the latest message. To pause the scrolling select the ‘pin’ button above the chat box, select the ‘pin’ button again to restart automatic scrolling.


When messages are added, the chat box will automatically scroll to show you the latest message. To pause the scrolling select the ‘pin’ button above the chat box, select the ‘pin’ button again to restart automatic scrolling.

There are lots of ways for you to join in. The fantastic live chat feature allows you to talk to other people watching; and put your questions, thoughts and comments to the studio through our social media desk. You can email us at and connect with us on Twitter using the hashtag #studenthublive16.

We’d also love for you to send in a video about your OU journey, something you find really interesting and want to share, or just about anything you think we should hear about! Find out more on the video page.

The interactive widgets are used in the ‘Watch and engage’ option. They collate and present your responses to questions and activities during the event. Widgets are added and removed by the presenters during an event, once completed they display the collated responses from the audience.

When more than one widgets is available in the widget area, clicking on a small widget will display that widget full-size. The down and up arrows at the top right hand corner of a full-size widget are used to reduce or increase the size of the widget.

When asked by a presenter to use a widget, select the widget, read the question or prompt, and (depending on the question) select one or more applicable responses.

Yes, you are free to come in and out to watch anything that interests you.

If you’re having problems with the video; usually refreshing the page (hitting the reload button, pressing F5, or closing the page and opening it again) will sort out the problem.

If you’re having persistent problems you can email us for help at We want to make sure you can join the event and we will try to help resolve problems that may be preventing you from taking part.

There are lots of options to adjust the screen settings including layout, screen size and widgets. Most web browsers will let you expand or reduce the size of any page by holding the ‘ctrl’ key and pressing the ‘+’ or ‘-’ key; to return to the original page size hold down the ‘ctrl’ key and press the ‘0’ (zero) key. You can also use screen magnifiers, colour contrasts and screen readers.

If you are using the ‘Watch and engage’ site there is a ‘change the layout’ button in the bottom right hand corner of the page, pressing the button will switch between two layout options. Hovering over a button will display a tool tip.

To view the video full screen select the ‘Full screen’ button that appears in the bottom right hand corner of the video; to return to the standard layout on a computer press the escape (‘esc’) key. 

We’ve done a number of conferences and we’ve got lots of different things planned for the future. To keep up to date send us your email address through the ‘Count me in’ button.