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The event hasn't started yet, but 30 minutes before the programme starts this page will take you to the live video and chat room. We hope you can join us then!

While the event is live anyone can watch the video of the entire conference, but there is so much more if you get a free OU login. You'll be able to chat with the other students watching, ask questions during the big conversations, use the interactive widgets and take part in the quiz! You don't need to be studying with the OU to get a login, and it's quick and easy to get one. Create an OU login now so you are ready when the conference starts. You will also need an up to date web browser such as Firefox, Chrome or Safari. You can find out more in the Frequently Asked Questions section

To see the video with access to widgets and other interactive features use this button:

To see only the video with no interaction use this button: