Resources for February 2016

We will be including links to resources from the talks, but if you’ve got a resource that you think would be useful to share, please send the link to


Modern languages – China:

Mindfulness and careers: - further information on mindfulness and using mindfulness to enhance your wellbeing while you study. - OU careers website - activities to listen to your own voice and explore future possibilities - Section 1 - in depth activities to listen to your own voice and explore the future

Have you heard…:

Deciding what to trust online:

Being Digital ‘Trust Online’ pathway

Article published in the Metro about Chinese teenagers taking cabbages for walks in a bid to cure their loneliness

Library tools for study: OpenTree OpenTree enriches your experience of the online library, puts you in contact with other students, and encourages you to have a bit of fun along the way.

Once you’ve joined, you can make friends with other students, and start to earn points and badges for using the OU Online Library. You’ll also get points for highlighting e-resources and webpages, reviewing them and recommending them to your friends. Getting started with the online library

The online library contains amazing resources and can seem overwhelming. This guide gives a very basic introduction. Being digital

Short easy to follow activities covering the skills we all need to be effective online. Library Search – Mybookshelf

Sign in and save your results to MyBookshelf, never forget those wonderful articles you found for your assignment! You can output them to reference management tools too. OU Live training events lists all the upcoming training we have planned and links through to our OU Live training site. Help and support has links to the FAQs, referencing guides, getting started videos and the all-important helpdesk link in the bottom right hand corner.

Access eresources using Google Scholar

Google Scholar can be used to search for and access journal articles. You can set it up to enable seamless access to online journal articles subscribed to by the Library.

Top tips for your TMA

Resources: Student home Skills for study on assignment:

More on academic English: L185 module

Academic English:


Mindset document:

Big debate: Replacing the Human Rights Act

What do leading international academics have to say about law and religion:

The Sacred and Secular Blog: write a post and have an international academic make a comment on your blog post:


The Project on Interdisciplinary Law and Religion Studies:

The EU justice subcommittee: Michael Gove’s evidence to the committee