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Getting started with the Library

Getting started with the online library

Introduction to Library Services online training session

The News

Shaken or stirred: What do an Open degree and Pina Colada have in common

What is an Open degree?

What are the benefits of interdisciplinary study

Interdisciplinary study disciplines

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics:

Health studies:


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Open degree: What are the benefits of studying a multidisciplinary degree?  -

Careers question time

Who's afraid of the big bad climate change?

A guide to using diagrams

Communicative Art - The Art of Rich Pictures

T219 Environmental management 1

T319 Environmental management 2

T213 Energy and sustainability

T313 Renewable energy

Acknowledgement of resource used in live session:

Paul Ehrlich projection

From page 731 of Ehrlich’s ‘Ecoscience: population, resources, environment.

“reasons for concern”

Box 2.4 Figure 1

The 3M's - Moon, Mars and Mercury

Moons Mooc

Virtual Microscope

Disabled students group:


Student consultation:

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