The Student Hub Live Freshers’ Fair - Opening

Monday, September 26th

Tuesday, September 27th

11:00What every new student most needs to know
Linda Robson
Amanda Closier and Nicola Beer
12:00The News
Armando.Marino, Helen Clough, Jerard Bretts, Simon Bell and Susanne Schwenzer
12:30Maths Challenges
Katie Chicot
13:00Navigating the VLE
Georgina Blakeley
13:30Shaken or stirred: What do an Open degree and Pina Colada have in common
Helen Cooke and Peter Taylor
14:00Group Tuition
Michael Flack, Nicola Simpson and Tamsin Lister
14:30Four Nations
Liz Marr, Michael Bower, Simon Horrocks and Susan Stewart
15:00Library skills: Managing your digital presence
Helen Clough
15:30Time management
Susanne Schwenzer
16:00Task planning, and what to do first
Sharon Davis
16:30Learning how to study online
Georgina Blakeley
17:15Making the most of an online environment
Mark Nichols
17:30Essay planning and writing
Nicky Harlow
18:00Wheel of Ologies Quiz
David Rothery, Graham Pike, John Darcy, Monica Grady and Richard Brown
19:00Who's afraid of the big bad climate change?
Simon Bell and Stephen Peake
19:30The 3M's - Moon, Mars and Mercury
David Rothery, Simon Kelley and Susanne Schwenzer

Wednesday, September 28th

Presentation Date: 
Monday, 26 September, 2016 - 19:00