Paul-Francois Tremlett

Picture of Paul Francois Tremlett

Dr Paul-Francois Tremlett is a Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies at The Open University.

He pursued his undergraduate degree in Social Anthropology and the Study of Religions at the School of Oriental and African Studies. With a regional specialisation in South East Asia, he decided to continue his studies and enrolled on the PhD programme in the Study of Religions department at SOAS with a focus on local religion and national identity in the Philippines at a specific site, the extinct volcano Mount Banahaw. Banahaw is home to a number of independent churches notable for their veneration of the mountain itself and Jose Rizal. Since then his research has increasingly reflected his interest in religion and processes of rapid social and spatial change. Paul is currently engaged in research on the Occupy camps that were set up in London and Hong Kong in 2011 (see ).