A344 Art and its global histories

This module presents a new history of art, starting with the Renaissance, when Europeans encountered a new range of desirable objects from across the globe. It then explores the role of art and architecture in colonial expansion up to 1800, before looking in depth at art and culture in British India. It concludes by analysing the globalisation of artistic practice from the twentieth century to the present day. The module highlights the vital role that art has played in the stories that Europeans have told about the wider world and suggests ways in which these stories might be challenged or revised. In this session, Emma and Warren will discuss the module content.

Further information on the module can be found here.

Presentation time: 
Tuesday, 16 May, 2017 - 15:45

Emma Barker

Emma Barker joined The Open University Art History department in 1995 and has contributed to many OU modules. 

Her principal research primarily focuses on eighteenth-century French art.

Warren Carter

Photo of Warren Carter

Warren Carter joined The Open University in October 2013, after having been a Teaching Fellow in the History of Art Department at University College London for many years, as well an MA tutor for a decade or so at Richmond – The American International University in London.