A225 The British Isles and the modern world 1789–1914

In this session, Anna and Donna will be telling us about A225. The British Isles in the long nineteenth century was a place of rapid expansion and growth, when the United Kingdom became the so-called ‘workshop of the world’. It was also a period of conflict and uncertainty, where poverty and political unrest prompted widespread anxieties about the nature progress. Taking up these different perspectives, this module looks at the landmark transformations of the period such as the political union of Britain and Ireland, industrialisation, the growth of cities, and the expansion of the British Empire. By focusing on one century, this module provides space for a deep engagement with historical method and debate. 

Further information on the module can be found here.

Presentation time: 
Tuesday, 16 May, 2017 - 16:10

Anna Plassart

Photo of Anna Plassart

Anna is a historian of modern Britain and Europe and she is particularly interested in the history of political ideas. She has written about the French Revolution, the Scottish Enlightenment and imperialism in the early nineteenth century.

Donna Loftus

Photo of Donna Loftus

Donna joined The Open University in 2000 and is now Senior Lecturer in the history of nineteenth-century Britain, interested in the impact of industrialisation and capitalism on everyday life.