Everyone is welcome at our next event on 1 July from 12-2pm. We hope you can join us to discuss the outcome and implications of the EU referendum.

Join us on 1 July to for a lively two-hour interactive event to discuss the EU referendum. Karen Foley will be joined by OU academics Richard Heffernan, Matt Staples, Jonquil Lowe and Kesi Mahendran to discuss what the vote to leave the EU means for us as a society, as individuals and as learners. 

We will discuss the act of voting and the nature of democracy, and think about power and the implications of political acts on citizens. We will look at the economic implications of the leave vote; particularly for personal finance, and consider this topic from a personal identity perspective - what does the way we chose to vote, or not vote, say about us as individuals and as members of groups? 

The referendum has implications for us all, and we want to hear what you think. Email us or tweet your thought and questions, and keep an eye on the websites for updates over the next few days.